Fat Chance Art Show/Party Tonight!

In case any of you forgot, tonight Groupseven & The Hifi Club Present Fat Chance Art Show!!!

Just Writing My Name meets...DOCS

The Doing Only Crooked Shit Posse from Spain made this burner for our Just Writing My Name meets... series.

Space Invader

[vimeo]http://vimeo.com/5936317[/vimeo] Invader traces the birth of his signature pixelated mosaic style, his invasion of 40 cities worldwide and the concept behind his TOP 10 Rubikscubism exhibit.

KiCK Artist's Jfry Craig and John Boletta featured in Somewon catalogue.

KiCK Artist's Jfry Craig and John Boletta featured in Somewon catalogue.

KiCK hits Monterrey, MX. May 1, 2010

Abby Fong, Tim Rechner, Conzo, John Boletta and Jfry Craig will be showing in Monterrey MX.

Festival Nrmal :: Monterrey, Mexico

So before the KiCK crew heads down south to Monterrey, our hosts Nrmal, are presenting an amazing festival that both your eyes and ears would love.

Kick Bam :: Good vs. Evil, voting results

Here's the voting results from the Good vs. Evil poll at the Kick Bam show.

KiCK BAM - Nov 12, 2009

feature-kickbam To celebrate the re-opening of our friends at Sloth Records, KiCK Gallery is proud to present an art show featuring new works by artists PHSYK & Abby Fong, as well as prints by toqueboy. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pour célébrer la ré-ouverture de no amis à Sloth Records, KiCK Gallery est fier de vous présenter un vernissage vantant de nouveaux morceaux par PHSYK et Abby Fon

URBANBuRN2 :: Jfry Craig serves on festival jury

Jfry Craig proudly served on the jury of this year's URBANBuRN festival in Calgary, AB. The festival was a terrific success and is the exact type of event that KiCK hopes to be involved with in the future -- a terrific opportunity for young graffiti artists to gain valuable exposure and validation of their artistic skill.

Montreal Mirror :: art this week mention, KiCK OFF show

mirror_kickoff Artistat The distance travelled in kilometres by artists Abby Fong, Conz, Tim Rechner, Jon Boletta, Jfry Craig and Terry Miller from Alberta to Quebec so that they could help create an exterior mural for Théâtre Ste-Catherine (264 Ste-Catherine W.): 2,908 mirror_kickoff03
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