KiCK OFF, this Saturday in Montreal!!!

KiCK OFF, Montreal, July 4th, 2009

FFWD Weekly feature for Out Of Context 3 :: Legendary graffiti at Artlife

Zephyr helped establish the style, but laments the hip hop connection

Branding KiCK Gallery: an Interview by Laurel Smith

Laurel Smith eInterviews Jfry Craig to learn more about the direction of his gallery

Tim Rechner featured in Galleries West Cover Stories

kick_tim_article_gallerieswest Inside his singular dwelling space and studio, the workings of Tim Rechner's mind are splayed out for all to view. Mad scribbles line the studio walls from floor to ceiling -budding ideas spilling over immediate thoughts and untethered ramblings both energized and voracious, scraps of paper ranging from post-it notes to oversized hand-stretched canvases topple over one another. Layer after layer, level after level, condensed expressions and illuminated sketches piece together every inch of available wall space. On the surface, Rechner's studio apartment in Edmonton's ArtsHab epitomizes a romantic notion of an "artist" space. Most people may have first seen his apartment in Trevor Anderson's short film, Rugburn (2005), where Rechner's actual day-to-day living space served as a set for Anderson's tempestuous artist. Large in presence with a full head of massive dark curls and an even fuller dark beard, Rechner speaks in a very hushed and subdued tone accompanied with periodic small hand gestures. "I think the role of an artist here is to make Edmonton more culturally interesting," he begins once we settle inside the studio with his cats, Jimmy and Harold, nearby. "I don't want to sound spoiled or righteous, but I personally feel a drive to really create things as much as I can." kick_tim_article_gallerieswest02 As the longest tenant in ArtsHab, the only city-sanctioned artist's co-op in Edmonton, Rechner has rooted himself into a steady arts community. With regular exhibition openings coupled with open studio visits every six weeks, he has a continuous feed of stimuli that conveniently lingers outside his front door.

John Boletta participates in charity art event for Right on Track

John Boletta for Right on Track
Nine artists have donated their talent and time to paint 10, one of a kind rideable track bike frames, which will be, auctioned off on May 14, 2009 at Bamboo Lounge (Drum and Monkey) 1201-1 St.

KiCK START thanks

We would just like to thank everyone who came out to the KiCK START show. Special thanks to Trouve Gallery and all the volunteers who helped make everything happen. Also, thanks to the local art blogs (Calgary is Awesome & Calgary Art Blog) who posted on the show! See you in MTL in July!

Jfry Craig interviewed by BeatRoute Magazine about poster art.

Jfry Craig was interviewed in the March 2009 issue of BeatRoute as part of a series on Gig Posters. Jfry talks about his first poster, influences and materials.

Jfry Craig featured at the Eastern Edge Video Screening Series

Jfry Craig’s web project Appul was featured in Persistence of Vision, which is showing as part of the Eastern Edge Video Screening Series, presented in collaboration with The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery in Newfoundland.

Design After the Blog - AMAAS presentation by Jfry Craig

On May 3rd, 2008, Jfry Craig was a featured artist at the annual AMAAS conference, hosted this year in Red Deer. In this talk Jfry covered the history of the internet as well as design thoughts and technologies that have become reasonably standardized on the net.

dot.calm / 49 stories - Latitude 53, Edmonton

an installation by Jfry Craig
49 stories, an installation, appeared for a month as part of the Stem Cell new media arts festival.an installation by Jfry Craig
49 stories, an installation, appeared for a mo
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