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Conz' work is vibrant, filled with harsh images that make some look away. His dense paintings tell stories of the inner city (dancers, drugs, guns, violence) and explore the visual tale of a deaf man's journey through the streets. There isn't a whole lot of guess work when you confront his graffiti based style and explicit subject matter.

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Abby Fong

Abby Fong is a Calgarian illustrator; her work is emotional and lets you into the small personal cracks in people's lives. The fine lines and bright colours create complex textured images where you can almost see into the artist's mind and experience her reality. The pieces are open and tender.

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Jfry Craig

Jfry Craig's media installations and painting have shown across Canada, the USA and Mexico. His '49 stories' work showed in Monterrey, Mexico in 2006 and opened the Inaugural Stem Cell New Media Festival in Edmonton, Alberta that same year. He was a featured artist at the 2008 AMAAS festival and his work 'Appul' was recently presented at the Persistence of Vision series in Nova Scotia.

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John Boletta

John Boletta is a Canadian artists who draws his inspiration from equal parts ancient Asian travel scrolls and modern handstyles. His elegant brush work forms the basis for his signature bonsai trees. John's work has appeared in Western Canadian galleries and is a name that is growing among Canadian collectors.

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Tim Rechner

After living in Vancouver, Montreal and Halifax, Tim Rechner has been in Edmonton working as a full time artist since 2001. Rechner studied art at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, working in the mediums of painting, drawing, installation and film. Tim Rechner is inspired by the uninhibited process with which young children create art and aspires to create similar pure aesthetic expressions with brushes and other mark making tools.

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