WAR Made Me [do it] - a postcard book by Jfry Craig

WAR Made Me [do it] is a postcard book by artist Jfry Craig. It was release Aug 2006 by Mudscout Media, Montreal. Proceeds from all sales go to help disadvantaged veterans.
WAR Made Me [do it] is an important postcard book by Canadian artist, Jfry Craig. The images, many of which were originally commissioned as gig posters, explore the effects of the media's portrayal of war in Western society. Many of the images have toured galleries and museums throughout Canada and the United States, including the successful Graphic Noise touring exhibit put on by MODA. War Made Me [do it] is Jfry Craig's first book and was released in September 2006 by Mudscout Media, out of Montreal. Partial proceeds from the sale of the book are also going to help disadvantaged veterans. As part of the book's release, Jfry had a three city Canadian gallery tour, featuring canvases inspired by the book. Media Comment: "Jfry Craig’s War Made Me Do It exposes the universal losses that every one feels as wars takes their toll on the human condition. This text-free book tells a story of censorship, isolation, blindness, gender struggles, power, and sexuality." --Layla Burke, Verbicide magazine "One of the reasons I eventually resigned my job of designing posters was due in no small part to the author of this book, Jfry "toqueboy" Craig." --Todd Harkness, beatRoute