Out of Context

outofcontext KiCK and Visual Orgasm are happy to present Out of Context 3, June 26th 2009 @ ArtLife Gallery as part of Sled Island, 2009 For one night only we are bringing the grimy side of graffiti art to the pompous playground of gallery life. The third annual Out of Context presented by KiCK and Visual Orgasm, features graffiti art by spray can masters from across North America, including Zephyr, Case and King 157, among others. Instead of having to troll the grimy alleys or creep under dingy underpasses to seek out graffiti, now you can take it home with you at this silent auction and party. web_imagesforblogposts With the summer weather here, the aerosol fumes are starting to cloud the inner city, so it's time to show people the artistic skills of this underground culture. Curated by Adam Melnyk, this will be the first showing in Calgary for most of the artists and this year we decided to invite some of our American friends to spice up the show. Not only do we have some pre-eminent graffiti legends taking part, but there will also be freight train enthusiasts who love to see painted boxcars. This is just a taste of what you can expect at this glorious show. Bring your hipness, bring your cash and bring a pen to do lots of bidding. 09-06-28_ooc3-03 Presented by: KiCK & Visual Orgasm
Sectr (416) Case (416) Horus (416) Zephyr (NY) Artistik (WI) Con BA (MD) Arek BA (MD) King157 (CA) Theory (306) Afex (403) Rove (403) Phsyk (403) Coder (403) Conz (403) Loves (250) Sircyt (250) Hype (250) Sueme (604) Cameo (604) Kaput (604) Tars (604)
Curated by: Adam Melnyk Venue: Artlife Gallery Time: 8pm til late