URBANBuRN2 :: Jfry Craig serves on festival jury

Jfry Craig proudly served on the jury of this year's URBANBuRN festival in Calgary, AB. The festival was a terrific success and is the exact type of event that KiCK hopes to be involved with in the future -- a terrific opportunity for young graffiti artists to gain valuable exposure and validation of their artistic skill.
Notes on the Event: URBANBuRN2 Saturday, August 22 19:00 – 23:00 @ Quickdraw Aanimation 351 11th Ave SW (by the Mongolie Grill) Make the most of your summer, Calgary! It is crucial to soak up the weather during these fleeting few snow-free months, and we want everyone to get on board with this summer’s Innovative Outdoor Youth Art Festival, URBANBuRN2! In collaboration with Cult of P and Quickdraw Animation, the second annual URBANBuRN is shaping up to be one of this summer’s most anticipated Art Festivals. It shouldn’t be hard to convince you that this cutting edge visual art exhibit at Quickdraw Animation (at 351 11th Ave SW) is an event worth checking out- especially when we mention the live DJ performance, delicious barbeque, fun workshops, and that the festival is absolutely FREE to attend. From what you’ve heard so far, this festival sounds like just a great celebration of our local arts and culture and an outstanding way to experience your summer to the fullest. But URBANBuRN was designed with a bigger issue at hand: Young artists in Calgary have very little attention paid to their artwork, and a lack of support and encouragement from our community. The need for creative expression combined with a lack of constructive artistic outlets and legitimate exhibition is a factor in the increasing prevalence of expression through vandalism. Cult of P and Quickdraw Animation began URBANBuRN last summer to address this issue in the most positive way. Young artists involved in graffiti art are selected to exhibit their work, exploring non-destructive modes of expression, with animated projections, installation, sculpture, prints, painting, mixed media, and more. The artists are given a serious receptive audience for their work and paid professional artists’ fees, while gaining a new understanding of public art, community ethics, and creating positive change through their art. This summer, we will also educate the selected artists about Artist-Run Culture, how to write a professional Curriculum Vitae, and methods of community involvement. Featured Artists include: Coset, Melt, Phere, Deth, Spyok, Carlos, Ryan Willard Scott, Bolr, Jesse Gouchey, and Arpi. Over its two years, URBANBuRN has been supported by funding from: the Calgary Foundation, the Calgary Youth Foundation, Child and Youth Friendly Calgary, the Arusha Centre for Social Justice, and through indirect funding from: the Canada Council for the Arts, the National Film Board, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and Calgary Arts Development. Links: Metro News ArtSmart The Westside View Travel Alberta